Facts: Salmon for the Future

Minor changes could make these resources available to future generations.
-Terry Holubetz, Idaho Fish and Game

Restoration is Possible!


No matter how hopeless the plight of the salmon might seem, scientists remain confident that salmon can be restored. Here's why:

High elevation streams, like those in Idaho's mountains, are in good conditions and offer excellent salmon habitat. More than half of the existing "salmon strongholds" are in protected areas that are likely to remain healthy. Most of the people living in the Pacific Northwest want salmon restored and are willing to help achieve this goal. Biologists, politicians, tribes, and land managers are working together to address salmon restoration at the regional level.

Here's What You Can Do to Help!

  • Conserve energy
  • Recycle aluminum
  • Conserve water
  • Dispose of household liquid wastes properly
  • If you fish, know the difference between trout and salmon at all life stages
  • If you canoe or kayak, avoid spawning streams during spawning times
  • Let your community and elected representatives know that you support salmon restoration
Juvenile Salmon

Click here to learn about three important things being considered to help salmon.

All across the Pacific Northwest, people are learning that they have a common goal: Restoring the Pacific Northwest salmon. It can happen. We can restore the salmon!

Family fishing
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