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Five Senses: Teachers

Resources for the Five Senses


Preschool activities on Senses. Or adjust them for kindergarten.

Ear diagram for your students to label. Search for others from this site.

5 Senses from Scholastic

Student and Teacher Activities – from the National Institute on Deafness and Other Hearing Disorders.

Arthur's Communication Adventure from PBS includes lesson plans, activity sheets, videos and teacher's guides designed to help children become more aware of ways children who are visually or hearing impaired learn, play, and enjoy the same things they do.

Activities for the 5 Senses!


Senses activities – try all 5! From Neuroscience For Kids

Great, visually stimulating site for teacher to get lesson plans on all the senses. Ideal for early childhood. Includes story books and listening material ideas.

Paso Partners – Activities, lessons, ideas, experiments, stories – a great resource for your lessons on the senses.

Optical illusions – you'll love to share them with your class.

Fun classroom activities for your study of the five senses from Zoom (PBS).

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