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Simple Machines: Teachers

Gear Diagram

You might not be able to take your class on a field trip to the Museum of Science + Industry in Chicago, but you can visit the website for some help with your Simple Machines lessons. Click here.

Videos, quizzes, and puzzles related to Simple Machines here.

Explore Simple Machines at Mikids.com — click here.

Song for teaching Simple Machines here.

Gadget Anatomy activity from Boston's Museum of Science helps students identify the simple machines that are combined to make a working gadget.

Simple Machines Scavenger Hunt.

Nuts and Bolts

Lesson Plan for teaching about Simple Machines — click here.

Hands- on activities from NASA for your Simple Machines unit. Click here.

Here is a set of lessons for grades 4-6 on simple machines — click here.

Lego activities for your simple machines — click here.

Simple Machines teaching unit for grades K-4.

Lesson plans on how simple machines transfer force and respond to applied force from Utah Education Network.

PowerPoints for your Simple Machines Unit

  • The 6 Simple Machines - click here
  • Work and Simple Machines — upper grades — click here
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