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Sleep: Guests (2017)

Dr. Janat O'Donnell MD

Medical Director of Sleep Center, St. Alphonsus RMC

I was born in Omaha before moving to Kansas where my father practiced cardiology with his father who practiced general medicine. I grew up with a special love of horses, barrel racing and training polo horses for 12 years. I played college basketball for Wichita State University and then entered medical school in Kansas City. I completed my training in Phoenix where I met my husband 28 years ago and he currently practices Infectious Diseases here in Boise. We live on a small acreage with twin girls, 6 horses, 4 dogs, 3 cats, 5 goats, 1 chicken, and 3 fish.

Nancy Nadolski

Family Nurse Practitioner, North End Psychiatry & Associates

Meeting Nancy can make you yawn, in a good way. As a family nurse practitioner, she treats those in search of a good night's sleep.

After getting 3 F's on her freshman transcript she realized her options were going back to picking potatoes and pregnancy testing cows and got serious about formal learning.

Since graduating from Gonzaga University with a masters in nursing and the College of Idaho with a masters in counseling, Nancy has spent 17 years in private practice in psychiatry and insomnia medicine. It was in psychiatry she saw how sleep plays the leading role in healing physical and mental health. Nancy has published numerous articles for professional publications and co-authored her first book for the health practitioner called 40 Cases: Understanding Psychiatric Medications. Her new book "Raising a Family of Good Sleepers" will be flying off the shelves of your local bookstore when she finds the courage to complete the last 2 chapters.

An avid conference speaker, Nancy has presented at the 3rd International Nurse Practitioner Conference in Groningen, Netherlands as well as at major advanced practice meetings around the country. She has spoken in every state except Arkansas.

In her free time, Nancy enjoys checking adventures off her bucket list. This year rappelling, reading a book by Dostoevsky, golf in France, and 30 straight days of Hot Yoga were accomplished. Ms. Nadolski enjoys white water rafting in Idaho, hiking the mountain ranges of the Northwest, a good book in a hammock, and the smell of her husband's cooking.

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