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Sleep: Teachers

Sleep Links and Lesson Ideas

Bald Teacher Sleeping

NOVA's Sciencenow has a wonderful program on sleep and a teacher's page with ideas on how to use it with your class.

Scientific American has a great article on dreaming that you might want to read.

Get more information about natural sleep patterns from Harvard Medical School.

The brain during sleep. From National Geographic, this interactive allows you to discuss what happens in your brain during different stages of the sleep process.

Sleep Education For Classrooms from the Australian Centre for Education in Sleep. Suggestions for including sleep as a topic in classrooms and includes many links and lesson ideas.

Sleep Activities and More

Girl Sleeping with Doll

Teachers, do you get enough sleep? Take this quiz to see - National Geographic.

Explore more on the subject of sleep from Harvard University.

UCLA has tips on how to help children learn to fall asleep. Great thing to help you with your own children or to pass along to parents.

The BBC has a whole menu of activities for you to try out in your class. Games, experiments, and lessons for you to use.

Interactive and Experiments for Sleep

Mouse Dreaming about Cheese

Smarter Balanced has a classroom lesson about sleep.

Neuroscience for Kids is a great place to teach more about sleep. Great graphs showing sleep and brain patterns to share with your class on your Interactive Whiteboard.

Sleep and Dream Experiments to try out in your class from Neuroscience.org.

More sleep and dream related activities from busyteacher.org.

Teachers Guides and Sleep Resources

Man Asleep Standing at Copy Machine

Kidshealth.org has created a teachers' guide on sleep for you to use with your classroom. Intended for grades 3-5 but can be modified.

Kidshealth.org has a parent page devoted to growth during sleep. Visit it for details on the needs of kids at different ages, sleepwalking, and nightmares. Great resource. They also have a section specific to sleep in general.

And just in case you want it, here is the student page on sleep from KidsHealth.org.

Busyteacher.org has a free worksheet title A Good Night's Sleep. It begins with a text all about the importance of sleep and then has comprehension questions specific to the text. Also included are a sleep record page and an answer key. Intended for grades 3-4.

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