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Sound: Teachers

Essentials of Sound for Teachers

Sometimes the hardest part about teaching a science unit is becoming comfortable with the topic enough to answer questions and discuss the science with confidence. Take a look at these sites for some background knowledge for yourself.

This overview of sound waves will be helpful background knowledge as you plan your unit. Check out the right-hand menu for more in-depth information.

Learn more about the general concepts of sound science.

Information about the Doppler Effect and Shock Waves at Physicsclassroom.com.

How does Sonar work?

Lesson Plans and More

Light waves — sound and light lessons.

Changing sounds lesson plan.

Check out these great lessons, activities, and experiments for your class.

Hands-on lesson plans on sound waves and frequencies from the Utah Education Network.

For middle school teachers, this terrific collection of Sound lessons from Iowa State University has well-defined learning objectives.

Can sound extinguish a fire? Take a look at this complete STEM lesson on Hearing and Sound that includes a hands-on design project. Aligned with 4th grade standards, but easily adaptable to other grades.

Activities and Projects

Sound activities and investigations from ZOOM - PBS Kids.

Make musical instruments to enhance your study of sound.

Math, Science and Sound activities that use technology to explore sound waves and frequency. Interactives include Thunderstorm Stopwatch and What Frequencies Can Animals Hear?

Take a look at these hands-on Sound activities for elementary classrooms. Students will enjoy these engaging lessons such as Bullfrog Caller, Musical Bottles, and Boomwhacker Orchestra.

Build this terrific Wave Machine in your classroom that illustrates wave action, amplitude, frequency, and speed. Easy to build, amazing to watch!

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