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Trees: Teachers



Amazing Tree Facts


Learn amazing facts about trees that you can share with your students. Scroll down a bit to find them once you visit here.

Tree rings


Good things to know about trees here.

Fun tree poem for your class to learn here.

Mrs. Jones Tree Unit activities here.

Tree rings tell more than age. Head here for details.

Learn about photosynthesis from one or more of these sites:

Pine tree
  • Biology4kids.com — click here.
  • Whatisphotosynthesis.net — click here.
  • Kidsdiscover.com — click here.

Visit the Arbor Day Foundation to get lots of good information about trees.

More facts about trees.

Trees for Kids and Trees for Teens — great site for lots and lots and lots of resources. Everything from bulletin board ideas to Learning Centers. Click here, then scroll way down.

KidZone Science — trees. Lots to learn and to share. Great diagrams for your SmartBoard or print them for your class. (some advertising on the page)

Anatomy of a tree here.

Find hands-on classroom activities and instructional resources at arborday.org.

An Interactive Field Trip




A Walk in the Woods — interactive field trip to the woods. Great teacher materials as well. Click here.

Tree and paper products

I Like Trees is a fun lesson plan for grades K-1.

Tree Detectives is an outdoor lesson plan for grades 3-6 from the National Wildlife Federation.

Lessons on wood and wood products here.

Rainforests, Raw Materials and You — a PBS lesson plan — click here.

Kids For Trees: Here is a great resource. Videos, lesson plans, worksheets, diagrams, everything you might want for a great tree unit! This site has a sister site you will also want to visit — click here to visit the Kids For Trees main page.

Learn about outdoor classrooms that teach kids how to improve their environments in Kansas. You might decide to apply it to your school area too. Click here.

Water Cycle here.

Photosynthesis here.

From Project Learning Tree

Discover The Lorax — teachers' guide to the movie or use with the book — click here.

Who Speaks For The Trees — another teachers' guide — click here.

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