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Urban Wildlife: Books


Peterson First Guide to Urban Wildlife

ISBN: 039593544X
Ages: 6 - 10

Peterson First Guides offer a wide variety of topics in nature for the lover of plants and animals. This book investigates the wide variety of animals that make their homes in the urban habitat. From alligators and bacteria to ragweed and yellow jackets, this book covers many of the plants and animals living in your neighborhood and some that live in other neighborhoods around the world.


Urban Wildlife Habitats (Exploring Habitats)

ISBN: 0836872592
Ages: 9-12

Take a peek at the wildlife habitats living and growing in backyards like yours. See which animals live there, what they eat, and how they survive. Find out how they deal with humans and the challenges that are a part of this relationship.


Animals Among Us: Living With Suburban Wildlife

ISBN: 0208024786
Ages: 9-12

This is a great resource for classroom study and report writing. See how animals and humans exist together in the city. Find out how these animals survive and what impact their existence has on both their populations and the humans. Admire their beauty and learn about the nuisance they can be for many.

Bird House

Make Your Own Birdhouses & Feeders (Quick Starts for Kids!)

ISBN: 1885593554
Ages: 9-12

A comprehensive guide for creating shelter and food for outdoor birds. This book also includes recipes for making foods that birds will be attracted to as well as a list of common birds found in North America.


Beastly Neighbors

ISBN: 1562391976
Ages: 5-9

This book covers the habits and behaviors of wild animals that frequently find themselves in the neighborhoods of humans.


Backyard Habitats (Introducing Habitats)

ISBN: 0778729850
Ages: 4-8

An introduction to suburban wildlife for the early learner. Colored drawings and beautiful photographs decorate the pages of this science book ideal for reading aloud. Simple sentences and basic concepts make this a great resource for sharing the lives of suburban animals.


Garden Projects for the Classroom & Special Learning Programs

ISBN: 0970596219
Ages: 9-12

Read about the value of gardening from the perspective of history, science, math, art, literature, and cultural diversity. This book shares the gardening process and activities for children of all ages and skill levels. From classroom gardens to community gardens and from seed to growing a pizza, there is something for everyone.


Big Tracks, Little Tracks: Following Animal Prints (Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science, Stage 1)

ISBN: 0064451941
Ages: 4-8

An inspiring book about animal tracks designed for the early reader. This series is often used in classrooms to explore science and other nonfiction topics with kindergarten through second graders. Beautiful illustrations and easy to understand text makes this an excellent way to learn about tracking animals.

Raccoon Tracks

Scats, Tracks, and Signs (Take-Along Guide)

ISBN: 1559715995
Ages: 9–12

This volume comes from a series of books designed to interest students in all sorts of animal life. This one covers the tell-tale signs left by animals in the form of scat, tracks and other evidence of their travels. Learn how to identify scat and track, how to make track casts, how to stay safe in the wild while hunting these creatures. Then create a scrapbook of your discoveries.


Schoolyard-Enhanced Learning: Using the Outdoors as an Instructional Tool, K-8

ISBN: 1571107290
Ages: K-8

Teacher resources, background information, ideas and advice on taking your students outdoors for a learning experience no matter where your classroom happens to be.

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