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Viruses: Books


The Magic School Bus Chapter Book #06 : The Giant Germ

ISBN: 0439204208
Ages 4-8

When Keesha discovers mold on her sandwich, the class takes off on a tour of the mini microbe world, and they learn first hand that these little creatures can have HUGE effects. Ms. Frizzle proves that there is always more than meets the eye in this GIGANTIC adventure.

What Is Cancer Anyway? Explaining Cancer to Children of All Ages

ISBN: 0966782046
Ages 4-8

This is one of the books in the Barklay and Eve Children's Book Series. This book provides basic information that is essential when someone in the family has cancer and does so in a calm, clear, reassuring manner that children and adults will appreciate. Barklay and Eve, the two lovable main characters, define cancer, explain radiation and chemotherapy (including the reasons why some people loose their hair). This is a hopeful story which has a fun connect-the-dots page of the American Cancer Society's symbol of hope.


Body Battles

Ages 4-9

This book introduces children to the natural defensive weapons in their bodies. Explore the wonders of mucus, cilia, earwax, skin, stomach acid, and the immune system.


Personal Hygiene and Good Health (Living Well, Staying Healthy)

ISBN: 1592960847
Ages 4-8

Explains the importance of cleanliness in order to maintain a healthy body. Photographs and sidebars further describe more complex issues and concepts.

Germs! Germs! Germs!
(Hello Reader Science Level 3)

ISBN: 0590672959
Ages 4-8

Germs tell their side of the story in this unusual book from the Beginning Reader Science series. The germs, shown as colorful, rather hyperactive monsters, explain that they live everywhere but look for a spot where they can spread disease. Soon they're cavorting in someone's mouth, crying, “Give us someplace dark and damp. What a perfect place to camp!” That illustration alone could inspire a week's worth of diligent toothbrushing. Showing an odd bunch of funny-looking and highly excitable varmints playing, working, and whizzing across the pages, the cartoonlike ink drawings are washed with bright watercolors. An appealing introduction to germs and health, this will fill a niche in hygiene units at the preschool and primary-grade levels. [Carolyn Phelan, Booklist.]


Johnny Germ Head

ISBN: 0805053956
Ages 7-10

Johnny Jarvis's preoccupation with germs began with the gift of a microscope when he was seven and escalated to an almost obsessive-compulsive behavior, thus his nickname, Johnny Germ Head. Now eight, he sees everything through germ-covered glasses. When a boy at school becomes ill, Johnny yells for everyone to run, in order to avoid the harmful germs being spewed out. He refuses to take a swim test at Kraft Kamp for fear of what's in the pool. Johnny conquers his paranoia in the end, after he saves a toddler from a moat at an amusement park. Then, when he is rewarded with five airline tickets to other parks, he begins to imagine all the things that could go wrong in the air. The main character is well developed, but it's difficult to believe that the other children don't avoid him like the plague, although they do make fun of him. The pacing keeps readers interested and amused. Simple, black-and-white cartoons suit the humor of the story, complete with the depiction of enlarged germs chasing down their victims. [DeAnn Tabuchi, New York Public Library. School Library Journal 1997.]

Those Icky Sticky Smelly Cavity-Causing but invisible germs (Esos sucios pegajosos olorosos causantes de caries pero invisibles gérmenes)

ISBN: 1884834302
Ages 4-8

Language: English and Spanish. The bad-breath germ and the plaque-painting germ join others to help children remember to brush their teeth. Lively, colorful illustrations show the germs that cause cavities and how important tooth brushing is to good dental health. Includes health information.

Sick Duck

Those Mean Nasty Dirty Downright Disgusting but...Invisible Germs (Esos desagradables detestables sucios completamente asquerosos pero invisibles gérmenes)

ISBN: 1884834310
Ages 4-8

Language: Spanish. The prevention of infectious disease transmission begins with our children. Teaching them how to wash their hands and why it matters in a world of germs is an important step in that prevention effort. Those Mean Nasty Dirty Downright Disgusting but...Invisible Germs is an imaginative and fun tool that every parent, teacher, child care provider, or public health practitioner should incorporate into their program. [Michael T. Osterholm, Ph.D., MPH, State Epidemiologist and Chief Acute Disease Epidemiology, State of Minnesota]

Virus Culture

Yoko & Friends School Days: The Germ Busters, Book #6 (Yoko and Friends School Days)

ISBN: 0786807288
Ages 4-8

Yoko, Nora, and Timothy are back in this story about how germs spread. Most of the students not only sing “The Clean Hands Song” with vigor but are also careful about their hand washing and nose wiping. The Frank twins are the exception and everyone else knows it. After Nora and several of her classmates get sick, Mrs. Jenkins takes action by having Mr. Wagweed, the science teacher, and one of her students build a Germostat machine to check each child's paws for cleanliness before lunchtime. The Franks are caught germ handed and promise to “never not wash our hands again.” While the cover was illustrated by Wells, and features her canine twins, the interior pen, ink, and watercolor pictures are by Wheeler. This beginning reader is a good springboard for classroom discussion about personal hygiene but seems to be more purposeful than pleasing. [Janie Schomberg, Leal Elementary School, Urbana, IL. School Library Journal, 2002.]

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