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Viruses: Teachers

Virus Resources


The Big Picture Book of Viruses is intended to serve as both a catalog of virus pictures on the Internet and as an educational resource to those seeking more information about viruses.

Influenza 1918, a film in the PBS series American Experience includes articles, a timeline, and a Teacher's Guide.

Can your class name the parts of the microscope? Here is an online quiz to find out.

Before taking the quiz, take this virtual tour of a microscope from BrainPop.

Lesson Plans

Sick Moose

Microorganism lesson plans to go with the Bitesize website for your students.

Germs and the Body — a lesson designed to illustrate where germs exist, how they can get into and affect the body, and how the body defends itself against them.

E-Bug has a Microbe Mania Lesson Pack for younger students.

Check out these K-12 lesson plans from the American Society for Microbiology.

What's Bugging You? Is a lesson plan focused on the relationship between micro-organisms and foodborne illness.

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