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Volcanoes: Guests (2015)

Brittany Brand

Assistant Professor in Dept. of Geophysics, Boise State University

Dr. Brittany Brand is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Geosciences at Boise State University. She is a physical volcanologist and volcanic sedimentologist with research interests in magmatic processes, eruption dynamics, sediment transport in volcanic flows and volcanic hazard assessment.

Dr. Brand also works to bridge the gap between science and society through outreach, education and research in public perception of natural hazards and risk. She works with emergency managers to provide information on natural hazards, promote preparedness actions, and ultimately to build stronger community resilience to the impacts of natural hazards.

Dr. Brand completed her B.S. from Wright State University, M.S from Boise State University, and Ph.D. from Arizona State University. Before joining the faculty at Boise State, Dr. Brand worked as a research scientist at the University of Washington, where she mentored 16 undergraduate research students and one master's student. Dr. Brand continues her research and education programs at Boise State University (2012 to present), where she currently has five graduate students working on a wide range of topics.

Jeffrey Johnson

Associate Research Professor of Geophysics, Boise State University

Dr. Johnson is geophysics associate professor in the Department of Geosciences at Boise State University. His research focus is on eruption dynamics using geophysical tools such as seismometers, geodetic tools, infrasound sensors, and thermal and optical monitoring. He works at volcanoes all over the world, but focuses a large part of his work on volcanoes in Chile, Guatemala, Ecuador, and Mexico. Dr. Johnson also uses some of these geophysical tools to study avalanches (volcanic and snow) as well as thunder from storms.

Dr. Johnson developed his primary research passion (for volcanoes) during a year spent living in Ecuador when he was in high school. In addition to learning Spanish he climbed most of the high volcanoes in the country and decided that he wanted to become a volcanologist. Since then he has pursued his research at Stanford University (BS and MS), University of Washington (PhD), the University of Hawaii and University of New Hampshire (as postdocs), and at New Mexico Tech (as faculty) before moving to Boise in 2012.

Past guests for this topic include: Dr. Bill Bonnichsen, David Freiberg, Jim Zollweg, Martha Godchaux, Dr. Michelle Stoklosa.

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