Benefit from Idaho's Education Tax Credit

Contributions to educational entities, like Idaho Public Television, qualify for an Idaho tax credit.  You can claim this credit on your Idaho tax form whether or not you itemize deductions.  The credit is available to all Idaho taxpayers.

• Tax credits reduce your tax liability dollar for dollar.

• The state tax credit is up to 50% or $1,000 of your donations for married couples ($500 for individual).

• For example, a couple filing a joint return can claim a credit up to $1,000 on a contribution of $2,000 or more.  If their tax liability was $5,000, the credit reduces it to $4,000.

• If you are able to itemize deductions, you will gain additional federal and state tax reductions from donations to Idaho Public Television.

We encourage you to consult with a tax advisor to discuss your specific situation. Here are some links to Idaho tax forms, publications and legal information:

Idaho Tax Form 40 (see line 23)

Idaho Tax Form 39R (see Part E, Line 1)

Idaho Tax Form Instructions (see page 25)

Idaho Statute — Income tax credit for charitable contributions

“In our clients’ tax planning and charitable giving strategies, we remind them that the Idaho Education Tax Credit is not a deduction, it is a tax credit. A tax credit lowers your tax dollar for dollar; whereas a deduction, lowers your taxable income and the value of that deduction depends on your tax bracket. The Idaho Education Tax Credit incentivizes clients to give to qualifying entities, such as Idaho Public Television. It is an investment into our community and saves state income tax, as well.”
–Josh Tyree, Harris CPAs

For assistance or to get a copy of your donation receipt for tax purposes, please contact:

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