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Idaho Public Television's Gateway Society

Idaho Public Television's Partners

To recognize the generosity and dedication of our donors giving $250-$999 annually, Idaho Public Television has established Partners. As a member of Idaho Public Television's Partners, your increased investment helps provide programming that educates, informs and inspires individuals and families throughout Idaho and beyond. Partners members show their steadfast commitment to Idaho Public Television as a valuable community resource while positively impacting the lives of those in their community and the entire State of Idaho. This commitment keeps Idaho Public Television strong and available today, and for future generations.

Rising program costs and fewer available state and federal dollars makes your increased support critical, and we count on the sustained generosity and dedication of our members now more than ever. Please partner with us by becoming an esteemed member of Idaho Public Television's Partners today!

Partners Benefits and Privileges
In addition to your service to the community and the state, you will also receive the following benefits and privileges:

    Annual Contribution of $250 - $499
  • A one-year subscription to Channels Magazine
  • 15% member discount at (use code IDAHO)
    Annual Contribution of $500 - $999
    All the benefits and privileges above, plus
  • A commemorative gift welcoming new members, underwritten by Key Bank
  • Annual recognition in CHANNELS Magazine
  • Invitations to exclusive IdahoPTV special events and receptions
  • A private tour of the station upon request

It Pays to Support Idaho Public Television!
Expanded Idaho State Education Tax Credits and Federal/State Deductions are available that help you save more when you give more!

Idaho State Education Tax Credit
Sample Contributions*

  • Contribution

  •   $  250
  •   $  500
  •   $1,000
  •   $2,000
  • Fed/State
  •   $  57
  •   $112
  •   $224
  •   $448
  • Educational
    Tax Credit
  •   $  125
  •   $  250
  •   $  500
  •   $1,000

  •   $ 68
  •   $138
  •   $276
  •   $552

*Based on a Federal income tax rate of 15% and Idaho State income tax rate of 7.4%. Idaho Education Tax Credit allows a credit of 50% of the contribution up to a credit of $1,000 or 50% of total income tax liability (whichever is less) for a married couple filing a joint return. Please consult with your tax advisor to learn how you can benefit from this credit.

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