Endowment Fund

Focus on the Future

“The Idaho Public Television Endowment Fund is the gift that keeps on giving. Unlike guilt, it lightens your heart, helps with sleep, and is forever doing your wishes. Endowment gifts are gifts that are given with a warm hand to help ensure that services you admire and respect will continue long after you are gone.” – Anne Voilleque, Idaho Falls


Since 2007, the Friends of Idaho Public Television Endowment has distributed more than $2.1 million of unrestricted investment proceeds to support the mission of IdahoPTV.  These funds enable our production team to tackle special projects, to produce important program that otherwise would remain untold, and to showcase the extraordinary people and places that make Idaho special.

Contributions to the Friends of Idaho Public Television Endowment strengthen the base of support for a truly statewide communication network many Idahoans count on for quality news, education, and entertainment programs. Individual gifts and corporate donations to the Endowment Fund might also qualify for the expanded Idaho State Education Tax Credit. These include:

For more information, please email Jenifer Johnson, Director of Development or call 208-373-7313 or 1-800-543-6868.
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