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Ron Pisaneschi, General Manager
Ron Pisaneschi
General Manager
Idaho Public Television
1455 N. Orchard St.
Boise, ID 83706
Office: (208) 373-7220 or
(800) 543-6868
Fax: (208) 373-7245
E-mail: idptv@idahoptv.org

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The Future of Idaho Public Television could be your legacy

The Idaho Public Television Foundation established the Endowment in 1990 to provide a stable funding source to meet the challenges of the future. The financial support generated from the Endowment Fund is increasingly crucial in maintaining the standard of excellent programming and educational services that are so vital to our viewers of all ages and income throughout the state.

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The long-term success of an endowment requires continued growth of the principle. Please review our Planned Giving vehicles, the Endowment Legacy Circle, Multi-Year Gift pledges, and One Time Gifts as you consider your contribution.

Leaving your legacy through a thoughtful gift to the Idaho Public Television Endowment Fund can offer numerous tax advantages, provide for lifetime income and leave your mark in our communities so that what you have accomplished will live on after you.

Idaho Public Television touches almost one million lives everyday, exposing people to new ideas, opening up new vistas and enlarging our world. Make Idaho Public Television your legacy.