John Grabowska

Environmental filmmaker John Grabowska has produced films from the subarctic to the subtropics. His films have won awards at festivals around the world and have been nationally broadcast as primetime specials on PBS. He has been a guest lecturer at the National Geographic Society, the Smithsonian Institution and many universities, and has led environmental media workshops in Argentina and Panama. Yellowstone: Land to Life is his fourth natural history film in collaboration with Idaho Public Television.

          “One of the virtuoso environmental filmmakers in the country.”
       —The Washington Post


  • Land to Life, 2009. The geoecosystem of Yellowstone.
  • Ribbon of Sand, 2007. North Carolina's barrier islands.
  • Remembered Earth, 2005. New Mexico’s high desert.
  • Crown of the Continent, 2002. Alaska’s spectacular alpine wilderness.
  • Breath of Life, 1998. Pueblos and the Spanish Colonial Empire.
  • Gente de Razón, 1996. South Texas and the roots of Tejano.

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