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Shepp Ranch

Shepp Ranch is another legendary Salmon River lodge. Native Americans wintered here before it was inhabited by white people. Around 1872 a white miner named Malick who was supposedly married to a Nez Perce Indian homesteaded the property. Later a man named Copenhaver built a large barn on the ranch that still stands.

Charlie Shepp

But it was Charlie Shepp and Pete Klinkhammer who had the longest association with this place. Shepp and Klinkhammer were two miners who bought the property around the turn of the century. They built the log portion of the main lodge that stills stands at the ranch.

Pete Klinkhammer

After Shepp died, Klinkhammer sold the property to Paul and Marybelle Filer who helped turn it into a successful sportsman lodge. Jim Cambell and other owners continued to improve and develop the ranch with the help of long-time managers Mike and Lynn Demerse.

Lynn Demerse

This is now the 30th season Mike and Lynn have been managing Shepp Ranch and both began working at Shepp several years before that. In fact, they met and married while working for the ranch.

"I came here two days after my 20th birthday so I haven't really done anything else and I guess that's what Shepp Ranch means, it's my life. We both love to do it. We've never not been part of Shepp Ranch so I don't know, it's just what we do."
--Lynn Demerse, co-manager Shepp Ranch

Mike Demerse

"It's my home. It's my life. I've lived here longer than I've lived anywhere else. I count myself extremely lucky and fortunate that I could be here. I feel very fortunate. My life has worked out very well since I've been associated with Shepp Ranch. I wouldn't trade it for anything. I wouldn't change a single day."
--Mike Demerse, co-manager Shepp Ranch