Gospel Hump Wilderness

A view overlooking a valley in the Gospel Hump Wilderness

Located east of Riggins and north of the main Salmon River, Gospel Hump received wilderness designation in 1978. Elevations in this 206,053 acre wilderness range from 1,970 feet at the Wind River pack bridge on the Salmon River to 8,940 feet at the summit of Buffalo Hump. Perhaps the defining characteristic of Gospel Hump Wilderness is its diversity, with a remarkable variety of landforms, vegetation, and wildlife.

It is the least known of Idaho's wilderness areas, because it is not easy to get to. And when combined with the adjacent Frank Church and Selway-Bitterroot wildernesses, it constitutes the largest intact piece of wildland in the lower 48, minus the Magruder Corridor. Two nearby towns are Grangeville and Elk City, Idaho.