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Martin Clunes: Horse Power

MARTIN CLUNES: HORSE POWER follows the British actor (Doc Martin, Reggie Perrin) traveling the world to unravel the true story of how man and horse first got together, what the horse has done for humans through the ages, and what the horse still means to us today. From Mongolia to the deserts of Arabia, from the Mustangs of Nevada to the Windsor Greys of Buckingham Palace, Clunes unlocks the secrets of a partnership which shaped the world.
Episode Description
Saturday, Dec 22, 2012 - 12:00 AM
"The Animal"
Clunes seeks to learn how the horse became so important to humans and how our ancestors managed to tame such a large, nervous prey animal. He heads to Dubai and the opening of a new racecourse before going to Mongolia to find the only untamed horse breed. Then the Niaux Cave walls in the Pyrenees Mountains reveal a 14,000-year-old record of the human-horse relationship. Part 1 of 2 G
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