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PBS NEWSHOUR WEEKEND features a summary of the day's national and international news, using renowned experts to offer analysis. Each weekend broadcast will contain original, in-depth field reporting on topics including education, healthcare, the economy, energy, science and technology, religion, finance and the arts. Hari Sreenivasan anchors.

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Sunday, May 27, 2018 - 6:00 PM
"Police Alternatives to Guns"
Of the many difficult questions that surround police shootings in America, one has long been on the periphery: why is a gun, and by extension, deadly force, the option officers choose? Following the recent fatal police shooting of Stephon Clark in Sacramento, California, state lawmakers have proposed a bill to dramatically change the rules regulating officers' use of deadly force. If passed, it would allow police to legally fire their weapons only when no reasonable alternatives are available. But what exactly are those alternatives? And are police officers being trained to use them? NewsHour Weekend's Christopher Booker reports on private companies and law enforcement agencies pressing for change. D

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