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Enhance your marketing and public relations efforts by visibly demonstrating support for a respected community organization.

environment keeps
viewers engaged...

Limited, concise and factual sponsorship messages make the most of this high-credibility environment.

We guide you through the process from start to finish

  • Producing a high quality
    15-second on-air credit message, at no additional charge.
  • Scripts written in an objective style that audiences expect and appreciate.
  • Voice-over talent and music bed that add to quality broadcast messages.
  • Editing and post production using graphic elements and video provided by
    the sponsor.
  • Broadcast schedules
    designed to reach an
    engaged and

Increase Visibility

In a typical prime time hour, 1.5 minutes of sponsor messages air on IdahoPTV, vs. 15 minutes of advertising and promotion on commercial television.¹

Drive Positive Perceptions

76% of PBS viewers say PBS sponsors are committed to quality and excellence, and committed to education.²

Quality Perception

64% say the advertising on PBS is more trustworthy than on other networks.²

Drive Action and Purchase Preferences

36% of viewers
research more information on a company, product or service seen on PBS.²

Standards on Idaho Public Television ARE different than those for commercial broadcast.
Sponsor messages demonstrate support for the arts, science, history, education and public affairs programming seen on Idaho Public Television.

¹, ² Source: Commercialism Research, City Square Associates, Jan-Feb 2016.

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