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Our viewers and donors pay attention to the community-minded sponsors that support their favorite programming. Nearly 20,000 individual donors from
all over Idaho - and beyond - donate to Idaho Public Television every year.
73% of Idaho Public Television's annual revenue is contributed by private individuals, corporations,
organizations and


Viewers care about the future of their community, participate in local initiatives, and are highly active in the community.

PBS contributors are 127% more likely
to have served on a committee for some local organization.


PBS viewers drive trends through word of mouth and influence corporate and social networks.

PBS contributors are 32% more likely to hold the job title of president.


Viewers are
passionate about
the arts.

Viewers of PBS
Arts & Performance are 350% more likely to attend classical music/opera performances


Our viewers value education
and make lifelong learning a priority.

PBS viewers are 22% more likely
to attend adult education courses.

Doublebase Media Mark Research, Inc. 2016

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