Reports and Public Documents

Idaho Public Television produces a number of public reports and documents. The General Manager Reports provide monthly updates of our activities for the Idaho State Board of Education. The Annual Reports provide a yearly overview of our activities as well as our financial status — revenues, expenditures, assets, and liabilities. IdahoPTV Reaches Out details the diverse ways IdahoPTV touches the lives of people throughout Idaho. CHANNELS is our monthly magazine for members, containing program highlights and schedule information.

General Manager Reports


Viewer Surveys

2017 National Survey on Funding for Public Television (PDF)
2017 PBS Viewer Trust Survey (PDF)

IdahoPTV Annual Reports

2014 (PDF)
2013 (PDF)
2012 (PDF)
2011 (PDF)
2010 (PDF)
2009 (PDF)
2008 (PDF)
2007 (PDF)
2006 (PDF)
2005 (PDF)

IdahoPTV Facts

IdahoPTV By the Numbers 2017 (PDF)
IdahoPTV By the Numbers 2016 (PDF)
IdahoPTV By the Numbers 2014 (PDF)
IdahoPTV By the Numbers 2013 (PDF)
IdahoPTV By the Numbers 2012 (PDF)
IdahoPTV By the Numbers 2011 (PDF)
IdahoPTV By the Numbers 2010 (PDF)
IdahoPTV By the Numbers 2009 (PDF)
IdahoPTV Reaches Out 2008 (PDF)
IdahoPTV Reaches Out 2007 (PDF)
IdahoPTV Reaches Out 2006 (PDF)
IdahoPTV Reaches Out 2005 (PDF)
IdahoPTV Reaches Out 2004 (PDF)

Local Content and Service (CPB)

2017 (PDF)
2016 (PDF)
2015 (PDF)
2014 (PDF)
2013 (PDF)
2012 (PDF)
2011 (PDF)


IdahoPTV Public Files
EEO Public File Reports
The Public and Broadcasting Manual

Special Reports

* Alternative Sources of Funding for Public Broadcasting Stations, CPB, June 2012 (PDF)
* IdahoPTV Business Plan, IdahoPTV, February 2010 (PDF)
* Governance Options for Idaho Public Television, Bornstein & Associates, January 2001