March 22, 2007

Eastern Snake Plain Aquifer update

An Idaho Supreme Court ruling gives thousands of Eastern Idaho farmers facing a shut-off of their pumps a reprieve. But questions about whose water rights will be filled remain unanswered.

Last year, a district court's order suggested thousands of junior water right holders in Eastern Idaho could be forced to shut off water pumps to meet the senior rights of some Magic Valley users. This month, Idaho's highest court overturned that district court ruling. Now the director of the Idaho Department of Water Resources will have to decide how to balance water rights and the beneficial use of this valuable resource.

Joan Cartan-Hansen and her guests will discuss the impact of the Court's ruling and the options facing water users in the Eastern Snake Plain Aquifer. Cartan-Hansen's guests include Dave Tuthill, Director of the Idaho Department of Water Resources, State Senator Charles Coiner (R-Twin Falls), and water rights attorney Michael Creamer.