December 20, 2007

Richard Paul Evans 2007

Utah author Richard Paul Evans burst onto the literary scene in 1993 with his self-published book, The Christmas Box. Subsequently picked up by a major publisher in 1995, the book became the #1 hardcover and paperback book in the nation. Since then, he has written 11 more bestsellers, including The Last Promise and Finding Noel.

Evans speaks with Marcia Franklin about his latest book, The Gift. Continuing with a spiritual theme that has been popular with readers, the story chronicles the life of a boy with special healing powers. The child cannot heal others, though, without hurting himself. One of the people he helps has Tourette's Syndrome, which Evans also has.

Franklin talks with Evans not only about the book, but also about Tourette's condition and its influence on his life and writing. They also discuss his philanthropic efforts on behalf of abused children.