November 20, 2008

Refugee Resettlement

Marcia Franklin looks at the issues surrounding refugee resettlement in Idaho. In the past year, more than 1,000 refugees have come to the Gem State, more than in any other year since the inception of the U.S. Refugee Program in 1980.

Viewers hear from two refugees who have arrived in Idaho in the past few years: Iman Elnour of Sudan, who has been here five years, and Muna Maki of Iraq, who arrived earlier this year. The two discuss the difficulties they faced escaping from their home countries, as well as their hopes for the future.

Franklin also talks with Jan Reeves of the Idaho Office for Refugees and Christina Bruce-Bennion of the Agency for New Americans about services available to refugees.

The largest group of refugees to arrive in Idaho last year was from Iraq, followed by Burma and Bhutan. In total, refugees from 20 countries moved here. In contrast, just 8 years ago, 83% of the refugees coming to Idaho were from Europe and Central Asia, primarily Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Note: The video for this show will not be live-streamed or archived online.