January 30, 2003

Civil Liberties

What price will Americans pay for security? After the attacks of September 11th, the Bush Administration began broadening the government’s investigative powers as part of its war on terrorism. Many of these new policies will be overseen by the new Homeland Security Agency.

But many civil liberties advocates question whether the administration has gone too far. Supporters argue that change is necessary to combat terrorism. Some even claim policies initiated in the 1970’s tied the hands of the FBI and the CIA and hampered its abilities to uncover the 9/11 attacks.

Joan Cartan-Hansen speaks with guests about balancing the need for security and protection of civil liberties in American policy. The program also looks back at the impact on America’s intelligence agencies by U.S. Senate committees chaired by the late Idaho’s Senator Frank Church.

The program is funded by the Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation with additional funds by the Ford Foundation.