July 15, 2004

Project Idaho: Equine Cloning and Human Health

Even the very suggestion of cloning raises ethical issues, but cloning may lead to scientific advances in understanding disease. Dialogue looks at the successful equine cloning program at the University of Idaho. Find out how cloning works and how the scientists involved deal with the moral and scientific sides of the issue.

The guests, Dr. Gordon Woods and Dr. Dirk Vanderwall, are world famous for their success in equine cloning. In May of 2003, the scientific team celebrated the birth of a mule clone named Idaho Gem. Since then, two more mule clones, Utah Pioneer and Idaho Star, sharing the same DNA with Idaho Gem have been born. All three mule clones are healthy and developing normally. The scientists believe the breakthrough behind their success in equine cloning promises new understanding of human diseases like cancer and diabetes.