January 27, 2005

Good Winter Reading 2005

Marcia Franklin interviews Idaho authors John Rember, Elise Blackwell and Barbara Herrick about their works and recommendations for viewers.

Rember teaches English at Albertson College in Caldwell, and is the author of three books, "Coyote in the Mountains," Cheerleaders from Gomorra" and his latest work, "Traplines." a memoir of his life in the Sawtooth Valley.

Blackwell is on the writing faculty at Boise State University. "Hunger," a fictionalized account of the lives of workers at a Russian botanical institute during the siege of Leningrad, is her first novel.

Herrick is a Boise writer whose book, "The Blackberry Tea Club," is an outgrowth of conversations between women about middle age. It includes essays, poems and stories on the trials and wonders of growing older. She is also the author of numerous poems and stories.