April 14, 2005

Connecting Idaho Plan

This program looks at Governor Kempthorne's "Connecting Idaho" plan, which the Idaho legislature recently approved.

Marcia Franklin talks with Idaho Transportation Board Chairman Chuck Winder and Jon Barrett of Smart Growth about the plan, which calls for $1.6 billion in bonding to accelerate the construction and upgrading of 13 road projects around the state.

The 258 miles of roadways would be funded using a so-called Grant Anticipation Revenue Vehicle (often referred to as a GARVEE bond) that allows states to issue bonds to build highway projects and pay off the bonds using its future federal highway payments. The concept was under much discussion at the legislature, as some lawmakers didn't like the idea of the state incurring so much debt. The GARVEE bill was one of the last passed, and its delay provoked the governor to veto eight bills in retaliation.

Franklin and her guests talk about what's next, now that the plan has been passed, and how citizens can get involved.