June 8, 2006


It's a mode of transportation frowned upon by mothers and law enforcement alike: hitchhiking. But this week's guest on "Dialogue" says Americans are losing out by not trying it. Elijah Wald, author of Riding with Strangers: A Hitchhiker's Journey, has been hitching for 30 years, not only in the United States but around the world. He contends that it's safer than people think, as well as more efficient than other ways of traveling. In addition, he says, it gives the rider a unique perspective on a country and its citizens.

Wald shares with Franklin his best tips for getting a good ride and responds to concerns about the dangers of hitchhiking. He also talks about his other works. A musician and former music critic for the Boston Globe, Wald is the author of several books on the music world, including Narcocorrido, The Mayor of MacDougal Street, River of Song.