February 8, 2007

Alternative Energy

Marcia Franklin and guests examine the state's newly released Energy Plan. The plan encourages development of alternative energy sources, such as wind power and geothermal energy.

Franklin talks with the co-chair of the committee which released the plan, the president of a company that is developing a facility at Raft River, Idaho, the owner of a company that assists wind- and solar-energy developers, and a man who helps farmers explore the possibilities of ethanol and other grain fuels.

Because Idaho has ample hydropower and good access to both natural gas and coal-fired power plants, its energy prices have traditionally been some of the lowest in the nation. But as an importer of 80 percent of its energy needs, and with a rapidly growing population, Idaho is increasingly vulnerable to changes in the energy market. The plan seeks to mitigate those issues before they become problems for the state's residents.