September 6, 2007

Senator Larry Craig's Scandal

Idaho Senator Larry Craig announced his intention to leave office after his arrest and guilty plea in an undercover sex sting, then he tried to find a way to hang on. Now an aide says Craig is likely to leave unless he can clear his name by the end of the month. Is that possible? Should he stay even if he's able to change his plea? Meanwhile, Governor Butch Otter is considering possible replacements for Craig. Who is on the list?

Joan Cartan-Hansen and her guests will discuss the aftermath of Craig's resignation, his attempts to clear his name, and the future of Idaho politics.

Cartan-Hansen will be joined by Betsy Russell, Boise Bureau Chief for the Spokesman Review; John Miller, political reporter for Associated Press; Jim Weatherby, political analyst, and Kenton Bird, Director of the School of Journalism and Mass Media at the University of Idaho.