September 16, 2016

Rescuing Refugees: David Miliband

David Miliband

The UN Refugee Agency estimates that 65 million people worldwide have been displaced from their homes by war and persecution. It's the largest forced migration of humans since World War II. On September 19th, 2016, the United Nations General Assembly hosted its first high-level summit on the global movement of refugees and migrants, with the goal of developing a better system for responding to the crisis. The next day, President Obama also convened a summit about refugees.

Leading up to those two events, Marcia Franklin talked with David Miliband, the President and CEO of the International Rescue Committee, a humanitarian and resettlement agency working in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe and the United States. The IRC has an office in Boise.

Miliband discusses the causes of the mass migrations, concerns over Syrian refugees and terrorism, and ways he’d change the current system. A former member of the British Parliament, and the U.K. Foreign Minister from 2007-2010, Miliband also talks with Franklin about how "Brexit" might affect his country, and whether he’d like to return to Britain to help lead that nation.

The conversation was taped at the 2016 Sun Valley Writers’ Conference. This is the 10th year that Franklin has conducted interviews at the renowned event. Past conversations can be viewed here.