May 26, 2011

Human Rights In Idaho

Racism hurts everyone buttons

Marcia Franklin and her guests look at the ways Idaho has improved its reputation since the destruction of the Aryan Nations compound a decade ago, and areas that still need improvement.

Topics include a potential resurgence of hate crimes, the controversy over gay rights, treatment of Hispanics, the nexus between poverty and human rights, and the reasons people may join hate groups.

This special hour-long DIALOGUE is a follow-up to the IdahoPTV documentary, "The Color of Conscience," a look at the history of Idaho's modern human rights movement as well as the past 30 years of racial and cultural relations in the state.

Franklin's guests include: Amy Herzfeld of the Idaho Human Rights Education Center; Leo Morales of the Idaho Community Action Network; Estella Zamora, chair of the Idaho Commission on Human Rights; Boise State University history professor Jill Gill; and Tony Stewart and Christie Wood of the Kootenai County Task Force on Human Relations.