November 11, 2010

Robert Oxnam and China

China is the most populated country in the world with the world's second largest economy. And yet, China remains a mystery for many Americans. Robert Oxnam, former President of the Asia Society, spent much of his career working to bridge the gap between the United States and China.

Host Joan Cartan-Hansen talks with Oxnam about U.S.-China relations in the 21st century. Oxnam is currently an advisor to a major wealth management firm, offering insights on the Asia/Pacific region, as well as an advisory trustee for the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.

Oxnam is the author of several books, including an unusual memoir: A Fractured Mind: My Life with Multiple Personality Disorder. In that book, Oxnam recounts his experience with multiple personalities. Oxnam is currently collaborating on a new book, Co-Consciousness: A Dialogue on Cohesive Multiplicity.

Oxnam is in Idaho for the 27th annual Frank Church Conference - "Eagle and Dragon: The U.S. and China in the 21st Century" - hosted by the Frank Church Institute at Boise State University.