April 14, 2017

Creating Virtual Reality: Nonny de la Pena

Nonny de la Peña - PHOTO CREDIT: TED.com

She’s been called the “Godmother of Virtual Reality.” In this Dialogue, host Marcia Franklin talks with Nonny de la Peña, the virtual reality pioneer who’s charting the course for the use of VR in journalism. de la Peña was a featured speaker at the 2016 Dent Conference in Sun Valley, where Franklin spoke with her.

A former journalist for Newsweek and the New York Times, de la Peña discusses why she left her reporting job to work in VR, the themes she explores, the ethical issues involved, and the future of “immersive journalism.”

De la Peña’s company, Emblematic Group, is partnering with the PBS program FRONTLINE to develop three VR projects, the first of which, “After Solitary,” is a 360-degree tour of a solitary confinement cell, narrated by a former inmate who spent more than five years in solitary. It’s a companion piece to the FRONTLINE documentary “Last Days of Solitary,” which follows recently released prisoners from Maine as they go from solitary confinement to the streets.

Photo: TED.com