October 13, 2011

School Budget Cuts 2011

Notebooks and pencils sitting on a classroom table

Last March, Governor Butch Otter and State Legislators slashed Idaho's public school budget for the third year in a row. Now that schools are back in session, school officials and patrons know what programs and services have gotten cut and can begin assessing some of the larger effects of leaner revenues. On this Dialogue, host Joan Cartan-Hansen unveils the results of a second statewide survey of Idaho's school superintendents. The survey documents the real impacts reductions in state funds are having on local districts.

Joining Cartan-Hansen to discuss the survey and the future of public school education in Idaho are four guests: Linda Clark, Superintendent of the Meridian School District; Murray Dalgleish, Superintendent of Council School District; Dallas Clinger, American Falls School Board Member and Idaho School Boards Association President; and Penni Cyr, President of the Idaho Education Association.

The survey was conducted from late August through September. Results will be posted here when the survey is complete.

This program updates two previous shows on this topic: "School Budget Cuts Update" (September 9, 2010); and "School Budget Cuts" (June 10, 2010).