November 3, 2011

The Occupy Movement

An Occupy Idaho logo

Marcia Franklin interviews representatives of the Occupy movement from Boise, Moscow, Idaho Falls and Pocatello.

Franklin's guests discuss why they joined the movement, its grievances, and what they hope to accomplish. Recently, Occupy Boise announced it will begin an encampment in Boise on the grounds of the former Ada County Courthouse. Occupy Pocatello is considering an encampment as well.

Franklin's guests include Shavone Hasse of Occupy Boise; Reginald Holmquist of Occupy Moscow; Scott Richardson of Occupy Pocatello; Kay Finley of Occupy Idaho Falls; and "Anthony," a former Boisean who moved to New York to join the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Now in its second month, the Occupy movement is an ongoing series of international protests that began in New York City in mid-September with Occupy Wall Street. The demonstrations are primarily directed against social and economic inequality. Since last month, protests have taken place in hundreds of communities across the world.

Occupy movement protesters have clashed with police in some U.S. cities. Supporters have been arrested in Austin, Atlanta, Chicago; Oakland, Rochester, Portland, OR and Richmond. Last week, police fired tear gas into a crowd of protesters in Oakland.