January 19, 2012

Refugees in Idaho

African refugee watering a garden

According to the Idaho Office for Refugees, over the past five years more than 5,000 refugees have arrived in Idaho from all over the world. Marcia Franklin talks with four of those refugees about why they had to flee their respective home countries, and what it's been like to live in Idaho.

Guests include: Fidel Nshombo, from Congo; Rusul Mousa-Bryant, from Iraq; Jumuna Gautam, from Bhutan; and Hosy Nasimi, from Afghanistan.

Nshombo, who arrived in 2006, has published two books of poetry about his experience. He has been honored by both the city of Boise and the International Rescue Committee for his success and outreach efforts, and is a delegate to a new Refugee Congress organized by the United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees. The first-ever Congress will be educating the American public about refugees and advocating on behalf of refugees.

Mousa-Bryant, who arrived in 2009, is currently a case manager at the Agency for New Americans. Jumuna Gautam, who arrived in 2008, is a student at Boise State University, and Hosy Nasimi, who arrived in 2002, is a recent graduate of Boise State University, where she was the president of the Muslim Student Association.

The group will discuss the joys and challenges of refugee life in the United States, as well as their hopes for the future.