February 9, 2012

Technology Task Force

A teenage girl sitting on the steps of her high school with her laptop

More and more digital technology is finding its way into America's classrooms. In 2011, Idaho Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna proposed, and the Legislature passed, a set of education reform laws dubbed "Students Come First." The laws will require Idaho secondary school students to use digital tools such as laptops for their course work and even require that a certain number of credits be fulfilled via online courses. Once implemented, the reforms will greatly impact how educators teach and how students learn.

Joan Cartan-Hansen and her guests discuss the new technology requirements for Idaho's classrooms and the recommendations of the Students Come First Technology Task Force as to how the requirements should be implemented. Guests include Rep. Reed DeMordaunt (R-Eagle), chair of the One-to-One Governance and Instructional Integration Sub-Committee; and Aaron McKinnon, a teacher at South Junior High School in Boise, Vice Chair of the Online Learning Implementation Sub-Committee.