April 5, 2012

Roadtrip Nation

Roadtrip Nation RV on the road

Marcia Franklin talks with three guests about how to motivate high school students to pursue their dreams. Guests include: Mike Marriner, founder of the PBS series "Roadtrip Nation," Ray Ricafort, a "Roadtrip Nation" staffer and former participant in one of its tours, and Angela Garcia, the executive director for SAT outreach for the College Board.

"Roadtrip Nation," which will begin its ninth season this fall on IdahoPTV, documents the journeys of young adults as they cross the country, interviewing leaders about how they were able to achieve their goals. The program also has a high school curriculum to help students identify their passions and show them how to interview entrepreneurs in their own communities for inspiration.

Franklin talks with Marriner and Ricafort about the founding of "Roadtrip Nation" in 2001, its goals, and how it has changed their lives.

In Idaho, "Roadtrip Nation" has teamed up with the College Board, which designs college entrance exams, including the SAT. The two groups are traveling the state to promote the first-ever Idaho SAT School Day on April 18. Franklin talks with Garcia about the new test day, during which all 11th graders in Idaho will take the SAT.