June 14, 2012

Idaho Wildlife Summit

Yellow-headed blackbird perched on a reed

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game was founded in 1938 to "preserve and protect" the state's wildlife. Hunting and fishing licenses are the agency's primary source of funding, but as fewer Idahoans hunt and fish, revenue is down. In addition, 80 percent of the state's wildlife is neither hunted nor fished, so fees don't generate funds to support their management. How will the Idaho Department of Fish and Game continue its mission to preserve and protect all of Idaho's wildlife in an age of declining revenue and increasing need for its expertise? The Department has scheduled an Idaho Wildlife Summit in August to talk about the options before the agency.

Joan Cartan-Hansen talks with Summit participants about what the future of wildlife management might be and how residents can get involved in the process. Guests include Virgil Moore, Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game Director; Randy Budge, Fish and Game Commissioner and current Chairman; Wendy Green-Lowe, Public participation expert; and Steve Alder, a representative from the Clearwater chapter of the group, Idaho for Wildlife.