November 2, 2012

Media, Ethics and the Election

Kelly McBride (Poynter Institute)

Marcia Franklin talks with Kelly McBride, senior faculty at the Poynter Institute, about changes in the delivery of news and the advantages and ethical issues those new platforms can pose.

Poynter is a national training center for journalists, educators, media leaders and citizens; its staff also studies media trends.

McBride and Franklin discuss the rise in what McBride terms the "fifth estate," journalists and citizens using new media such as Twitter, blogs, memes and YouTube to disseminate information. According to McBride, as a result of opinion-driven sites, "neutrality," a standard for American media, is eroding. At the same time, she notes a rise in the popularity of fact checking sites, including new mobile applications.

The two discuss also discuss how traditional "fourth estate" media are collaborating with new media, whether journalists should "friend" sources on Facebook, the ethical issues surrounding political advertising on television and whether media entities should have social media policies.

McBride is the co-editor of a book that will be released in the spring of 2013 that will propose standards for social media in the 21st century.

In a web extra, Franklin talks with McBride about an 18-month project in which she acted as one of the ombudsmen for ESPN, studying its models of delivery and examining the ethical challenges the sports network faces.