September 6, 2013

Remembering The Holocaust

Marion Blumenthal Lazan

Marcia Franklin talks with Holocaust survivor Marion Blumenthal Lazan about her life, including her work educating millions of people about the Holocaust. Lazan, the co-author of a young adult book about her experiences called Four Perfect Pebbles, was imprisoned for more than six years in four camps, including the notorious Bergen-Belsen camp, where Anne Frank died. She was only 35 pounds when she was liberated with her mother, father and brother, but her father perished shortly after being freed.

For the past several decades, Lazan has been speaking about her experiences, mostly to schoolchildren, in the hopes of not only educating them about the Holocaust, but also urging peaceful resolutions to today's human rights challenges. She was in Boise to speak to students and adults and to fulfill a dream of Eagle High student Meléa Bates, who started corresponding with Lazan when she was in junior high school. A film about Lazan's life, Marion's Triumph, was shown on PBS stations.