September 13, 2013

Israeli and Palestinian Partnership

Eden Fuchs, Whit Jones, and Ibrahim Issa

As talks between Israelis and Palestinians start up once again, Marcia Franklin talks with an Israeli and a Palestinian about conversations they've organized for years between their respective communities as a result of funding from a Boise nonprofit.

Eden Fuchs, a former colonel in the Israeli Defense Forces, and Ibrahim Issa, a Palestinian educator, are part of a group called the Center for Emerging Futures, started by Boisean Whit Jones and his wife Paula. The center brings together Israelis and Palestinians in the West Bank to get to know each other and then form groups around their mutual interests, such as travel, sports, cooking and computer programming. Franklin talks with Fuchs and Issa about why they've decided to work together, the challenges they face, and what they consider as their successes. She also talks with Jones about his goals for the center.