Conversations from the Sun Valley Writers' Conference 2015

Since 1995, the Sun Valley Writers' Conference has brought together some of the nation's best-known writers, poets, filmmakers and philosophers to engage an audience in provocative and thoughtful conversations.

The event takes place over four days in August on the grounds and rooms of the Sun Valley Lodge and Sun Valley Inn.

Dialogue host Marcia Franklin has been a regular attendee. In 2015, she interviewed five authors at the conference.

Lawrence Wright
Lawrence Wright
"A lot of the reporters who grew up in my era, we were protected by the idea that reporters are neutral. Now we're targets; we're hunted. And I think the whole world is impoverished by the absence of information…"  Learn more . . .

Aired September 11, 2015
Stacy Schiff
Stacy Schiff
"This is really one of those seminal mysteries in American history. And you really do get obsessed. This story so gets under your skin. It's really fascinating."  Learn more . . .

Aired October 30, 2015
Richard Ford
Richard Ford
"I want to write about race. I want race particularly race between American whites and American blacks -- to be in my stories. Because I have a lot of accumulated experience growing up in the South, and it was experience that I have lived beyond, and I think that I maybe can write something that somebody would feel freed by if they read what I wrote."  Learn more . . .

Aired November 6, 2015
"Comma Queen" Mary Norris
Mary Norris
"The language belongs to everybody, and it turns out that everybody has strong feelings about it."  Learn more . . .

Aired November 20, 2015
Dinaw Mengestu
Dinaw Mengestu
"If we begin to take a novel like the ones I write and like who I am, and we say, "Well, those belong to the sort of immigrant category," then I wonder what's left that belongs to the American category. Because, for me, the American category is that immigrant category. "  Learn more . . .

Aired November 27, 2015
Jeffrey Brown
"If you're going to be on television, and you are going to be interviewing, writing, speaking to an audience, then you have a voice. And you have to think about what that voice is."  Learn more . . .

Aired December 4, 2015