George Kennedy

Academy Award-winning actor George Kennedy is the host and narrator of Lewis & Clark: Crossing the Centuries.

Alan Pinkham "I was privileged to narrate it," he said. "Programs like these show that television isn't just a monumental wasteland."

Kennedy says that his granddaughter, who is studying Lewis and Clark in grade school, thinks he's cool. "I'm her hero now. I can pronounce Sacajawea all 4,000 ways."

Kennedy began acting at the age of two, in a touring company of “Bringing up Father.” By the age of seven, he was spinning records on a New York radio station. Kennedy first made it big as a military advisor on the “Sergeant Bilko” television show. He later went on to star in movies like “Charade” and “Shenandoah.”

It was his role as Dragline in “Cool Hand Luke” which netted him an Academy Award for Supporting Actor. Young folks will likely remember Kennedy in the “Airport” and “Naked Gun” films. Kennedy is an Idaho resident.


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