Lewis & Clark: Moments in Time - 1805

These 20 video segments – each a minute in length – follow the expedition from February, 1805, through December, 1805.
February 11 woman with babySacajawea gives birth
April 7 man working on canoeBack on the Missouri
April 13 men with woundsAn accident on the river
May 14 bearA grizzly attacks
May 26 rocky mountainsUpon seeing the Rocky Mountains
May 30 men in water towing canoeWhite Cliffs of the Missouri
June 13 missouri riverThe great falls of the Missouri
June 23 hauling supplies across the prairiePortaging the falls
July 4 men chatting and restingCelebrating Independence Day
August 8 men on prairieBeaverhead Rock
August 12 salmon riverEntering Idaho
August 13 people meetingMeeting the Shoshone Indians
August 17 people meetingSacajawea meets her brother
August 23 salmon riverThe impossible Salmon River
September 16 people hiking in snowCrossing the Bitterroots
September 24 building canoesIllness hits
October 17 tribal womanDown the Columbia
October 24 fiddlerThe gut-swelling rapids
November 7 west coast and oceanThe great western ocean
December 25 military trainingChristmas at Fort Clatsop

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