Lewis & Clark: Moments in Time - 1806

These 11 video segments – each a minute in length – follow the expedition from January, 1806, through September, 1806.
January 6 people in canoeSacajawea and the monstrous fish
April 19 large fishArrival of the salmon
May 1 trading goodsThe Nez Perce, honest and sincere
May 13 nez perce with horseThe horses of the Nez Perce
June 14 snow-covered bitterrootsAnxious to cross the Bitterroots
June 17 walking in snowForced to turn back
June 27 looking through binocularThe Nez Perce lead the way
July 1 repairing a canoeDividing the party
July 15 grizzly bearReturn of the grizzly
August 12 writing in a journalThe party re-united
September 20 people in st. louisSt. Louis in sight!

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View 1805 Journal Entries


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